Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to know if my EasyCap is a fake one

How to identify if Your EasyCap is a fake one

Genuine EasyCap DC60 v2.1c (click on bigger): 

Note! Product called EasyCap DC60 v3.1c is a fake product with SMI chipset.

Genuine EasyCap DC60+ v3.1C (click on bigger):

Note! Product called EasyCap DC60++ is a fake product 
with illegal license keys of Ulead VideoStudio and VideoGlide softwares.

Read all details from EasycapExpertti forum:

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  1. Could you post pictures of packaging of both?

  2. On the market is now several kind of fake EasyCaps and the most common chipsets inside the fake EasyCaps are SMI and UTV007 chipsets. I have links to the pictures of the chipsets of these fake products on my download page here:

    I am selling only genuine EasyCaps and I don't have here now any packages of fake products. Note also that the packages of the fake products can look out exactly as like the genuine ones, though many times there has been some little details which are different.