Thursday, February 9, 2012

Distorted or buzzing audio of Dazzle, EasyCap or EzCAP

These advices are for Windows computers.

There can be many reasons:
1. Wrong driver
2. Corrupted driver or file in capture software -install again:
3. Bad signal - check all cables and adapters with dvd-player and tv and don't use any USB extension cable
4. Conflict against other USB device (f.ex. webcam)
5. Wrong or missing codecs - install FFDShow-codecs:  
6. Your comp is not compatible with Your capturing software - try with Deput, VirtualDub, AmCAP, Golden Videos, VLC Player or Windows Movie Maker 2.1:  
7. It's the energy state of CPU that distorting the sound - use lower energy saving settings and disable Cool 'n Quiet-system (AMD motherboards).
8. Some electrical device near Your computer makes disturbance - lead wires via some other place and change into another USB port.
9. Defective capture card - test it with some other computer.
10. You must lower the volume of the microphone
11. Charging battery of laptop can make a buzzing sound

Sometimes it helps if You change audio rate from 44,1kHZ to 48kHz.

Besides that Your problem can due to lack of power in Your comp. Check that from Task Manager's 
(press ctrl+alt+del) Performance tab - CPU Usage must be 5-50% during capturing and if it is more so try to stop all other programs or buy more RAM and/or better processor and/or better graphics card and/or faster hard drive.

Note! Also very powerful computer can suffer lack of power sometimes and that can due to for example viruses in the computer, so check also all big processes in the Task Manager's Processes tab - if You don't know what they are so ask from Google.

If these advices doesn't help so You can buy 2xRCA/3.5mm audio plug splitter and hook audio wires to Your audio card's Line in port or mic port and use Line in or Microphone as a source in Your capture software. 

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