Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to get the best audio and video quality with VirtualDub by Ralph

New video tutorial from Ralph. He is using here VirtualDub software with EasyCap DC60+


Sunday, July 1, 2012

EasycapExpertti Video Capture Card Newsletter 2/2012

1. New video capture driver site for Dazzle, EasyCap and EzCAP devices
2. New Online Store opened on the site of Bonanza
3. New products
4. Hotseller lists 6/2012 on EasycapExpertti's sites 
5. New sample videos of YPbPr Component Capture Card

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sample videos of USB Component Capture Card HD AV Grabber

Youtube user  PteSoap  has made a sample video of HD AV Grabber:
 "All I have done is render this from 480p to 720p in Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 And captured with this link below with the software that came with it honestech 2.5"


Another sample video of PteSoap:
"I render this from 720x480 MP4 to 960x540 MP4 in Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 with some Video Event FX, it was captured with this capture card picture at top right of this video at the start I have also add the link below. I used the software that came with it honestech 2.5 and captured my video game play in MP4."

Youtube user  has made a sample video of HD AV Grabber, which is captured with free VirtualDub by using UT video codec:

The latest drivers (package 4BB): http://easycapexpertti.mybisi.com/pages/drivers#5.
Software (Honestech v2.5): http://easycapexpertti.mybisi.com/pages/drivers#5.

This capture card has inside the Empia 28285 chipset.

Introduction video of HD AV Grabber by EasycapExpertti:

Where to get HD AV Grabber:

PteSoap, Youtube, video, sample, HD AV Grabber, 720p, Sony Vegas, Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0,
Honestech 2.5

Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome to Bonanza Video Capture Online Store

Welcome to my new Bonanza Online Store: http://www.bonanza.com/booths/easycapexpertti


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

EzCAP3104B 4 channel USB capture card on Ebay

New product on my Ebay-site:
EzCAP3104B 4 channel USB capture card, which supports both 32bit and 64bit WinXP, Vista and Win7: 

EzCAP, EzCAP3104, EzCAP3104B, 4 channel, USB, capture, card, security, surveillance, 
Windows 7, 64bit

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Commentary recording with PS3/Xbox/Wii with Dazzle,EasyCap and EzCAP

    If You have plugged Your headset into console, so all the voices should come with the same audio line from the console to the capture card, but the problem is that if You want to adjust volume of You commentaries, so You can't do that separately if You don’t have own volume control in Your headset.
    When You have recorded Your gameplay with the video capture software of Your capture card and Your commentary with Audacity, so You can import both those files into video editing software as like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie in Mac and adjust volumes there.
    Commentary recording,Audacity, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, headset, console, audio, video, sound, volume, adjust, record, gameplay, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Mac, Dazzle, Easycap, EzCAP

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Free download links for EasyCap, EzCAP and Dazzle Drivers and Softwares

Free download links 
for EasyCap, EzCAP and Dazzle 
Drivers and Softwares
New download page just released on EasyCapExpertti's Online Store:

1. EasyCap DC60
2. EasyCap DC60+, EzCAP108, EzCAP116, EzCAP156
3. EzCAP128, EzCAP148, EzCAP168, EzCAP1728
4. Pinnacle Dazzle capture cards
5. HD AV Grabber Empia 28285 component capture card
6. USB 2.0 Grabber Empia 28185 component capture card
7. EasyCap001, EasyCap002, EasyCap004, EzCAP004
8. Linux drivers for EasyCap DC60, Easycap DC60+, EasyCap002
9. Freeware video capturing softwares

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EzCAP168, EzCAP1728, Pinnacle, Dazzle, HD AV Grabber, Empia, 2861, 28185, 28285,
component, EasyCap001, EasyCap002, EzCAP002, EasyCap004, EzCAP004, Linux, drivers,
treiber, freeware, video, capture, capturing, software

Monday, March 12, 2012

=EasycapExpertti Newsletter 1/2012=

- New video capture blog just released 
- Other Stuff 
- New products 
- New sample video and editing tips 

Read more: 

EasycapExpertti, Newsletter 1/2012, Headlines, video capture, blog, New products, smple video, editing tips

Saturday, March 10, 2012

No sound when using USB audio with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

Are You trying to stream video with Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder by USB capture device - video works but there is missing audio?

The most common reason for missing USB audio is that You have not enabled right settings from the Video Capture Device Settings - here is shown the right settings:

Note! You must enable first Output (1: Audio Decorder Out) and until after that Input (5: Audio Line In) - after that click on OK.

no sound,  stream, streaming, video,  Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, USB capture device, missing audio, USB audio, Audio Decorder Out, Audio Line In

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New drivers for EasyCap DC60+, EzCAP108, EzCAP116 and EzCAP156

Just released new Windows drivers for
EasyCap DC60+, EzCAP DC60+,  EzCAP003, EzCAP006, EzCAP108, EzCAP116 and EzCAP156

USB video driver name: USB 2861 Video
Version: 2.2012.204.0 
Dated: 4.2.2012

USB audio driver name: USB EMP Audio Device
Version: 5.2012.111.0
Dated: 11.1.2012

Download driver package 2D:

Genuine EasyCap DC60+ v3.1C (click on bigger)Image

Here is my sample video, which is captured with these drivers and EasyCap DC60+ v3.1C:

Here is my instructions how I made that video:
Windows, drivers, Easycap DC60+, EzCAP DC60+,  EzCAP003, EzCAP006, EzCAP108, EzCAP116, EzCAP156, USB, 2861, video, audio, driver, version,  USB 2861 Video,  USB EMP Audio Device, EMP, device, download