Sunday, February 5, 2012

Free drivers and softwares for EasyCap, EzCAP and Dazzle devices

I have worked with USB video capture cards since 2007 and I have sold over 4000pcs + tested itself over 350pcs several models of EasyCaps, EzCAPs and Dazzle devices. With my experience I can say that the most common problems with Windows computers with these devices are accompanied by the drivers and softwares. The drivers on the installation CD are often too old for the newest operating system or there is a conflict against some other USB device, as like webcam or TV-dongle. Many times the software which has provided with the device is uncompatible with some hardware of the computer - for example the graphics card.

When You have purchased a new capture card so I recommend to check always if You can find for it newer drivers. Usually the newer drivers are better than older drivers, but there has been a few cases when the older drivers has worked better than the newer drivers. I have the latest drivers for the most of the Easycap, EzCap and Dazzle devices in my support forum:

If the provided software seem to be uncompatible with Your computer, so You can test video capturing with some other software - here is a few freewares which You can try:

Windows Movie Maker 2.1 is more likely compatible with several kinds of the computers, because it is made by the Microsoft and it is probably the lightest video capture software for the processor. Movie Maker of Windows Vista or Windows 7 are not compatible with USB capture cards, but You can use Movie Maker of Windows XP (v2.1) if You follow the tutorial which You can find from that link above.

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