Monday, February 4, 2013

How to fix an error SM-USB 007 of EasyCap DC60 with SMI chipset

I spent yesterday a few hours by testing a fake EasyCap DC60 which has inside the SMI chipset. I have not sold this product, but it is very common on the market because it is so cheap. The reason why I am testing this product is that I get almost every day messages from the users which have had problems with this product and the most common problem is that they can't install the drivers properly and there comes up an error called "SM-USB 007" - I have fixed that error now and here is my tutorial video:


  1. WooHoo! Finally got this to work! Windows 8 use Window 7 64 bit driver

    Now if only the capture screen was bigger!?!?!?...

  2. I tried this and the driver update just hangs, this is so frustrating.