Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New drivers for EasyCap DC60+, EzCAP108, EzCAP116 and EzCAP156

Just released new Windows drivers for
EasyCap DC60+, EzCAP DC60+,  EzCAP003, EzCAP006, EzCAP108, EzCAP116 and EzCAP156

USB video driver name: USB 2861 Video
Version: 2.2012.204.0 
Dated: 4.2.2012

USB audio driver name: USB EMP Audio Device
Version: 5.2012.111.0
Dated: 11.1.2012

Download driver package 2D:

Genuine EasyCap DC60+ v3.1C (click on bigger)Image

Here is my sample video, which is captured with these drivers and EasyCap DC60+ v3.1C:

Here is my instructions how I made that video:
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